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Nominate for 2017 TCASE Board of Directors
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Are you or is someone you know ready to step into a leadership role and help plan and evaluate the strategic direction of TCASE? Now is the time to make your nominations for the TCASE Board of Directors.


TCASE Board is comprised of 13 members. Positions include the president; past president; president-elect, secretary/treasurer; and nine additional board members. The TCASE executive director also serves as a non-voting member of the board.


Since board terms are staggered, nominations are being sought for the presidential track (a three-year term serving as president-elect, president and past president), a secretary/treasurer (two-year term) and several other board positions. Should any positions be vacated, additional board members might be needed. 


Complete this online form to submit a nomination. Nominees must be voting members of TCASE prior to and during their terms of office, and must be Administrator members of TCASE. Nominations may be submitted by any Administrator or Associate member of TCASE (members may nominate themselves), and must be submitted no later than April 28, 2017. 


Selection Process: 

Nominated members eligible for office will be asked to supply more information to the TCASE Nominating Committee by May 5. The committee will review the nominations based on the criteria, and will interview finalists in May. The committee will then present a slate of candidates to the House of Delegates, comprised of one representative from each region, for a vote on July 10. The elected board will immediately take office.


The Board will likely meet quarterly, and as needed (sometimes by conference call) to handle more time-critical issues. The Board of Directors will be charged with the governance of the organization, including:

- Operations

- Financial investments

- Contracts

- Personnel

- Budgeting

- Fundraising

- Supervision of the Executive Director

- Making time-critical decisions


TCASE values and seeks a diverse leadership on the Board, on the House of Delegates and in committee work. The Nominations Committee will consider all nominees in order to develop a well-rounded, representative body, and will be looking for the following attributes for new board members:

  • Demonstrated leadership commitment and involvement with the TCASE community. Examples include but are not limited to service on TCASE committees, a regional CASE organization, a task force, a stakeholder group, or legislative activity/witness testimony on issues relevant to TCASE.
  •  Recognized leadership outside the TCASE community. Examples include but are not limited to serving as a leader on a board, task force or committee for other philanthropic organizations or related professional associations.
  •  Commitment to participate in four board meetings a year, possibly more. In addition, board members will be asked to assist with member relations, governmental relations, fundraising and building strategic alliances with other professional associations.
  •  Positive leadership attributes. This may include emotional intelligence, ability to work collaboratively and engage in appropriate debate and discussion when needed, and visionary and strategic drive.
  •  Demonstrated ability of new and innovative programs within their sphere of influence. Examples include but are not limited to incorporating strategy, leadership, future focus, risk taking and an entrepreneurial spirit.



Volunteer leaders serving on the Board of Directors or the House of Delegates will: 

  • Play a significant role in advancing the profession;
  •  Enhance the value of TCASE to the special education community;
  • Expand your leadership opportunities and experiences;
  •  Access up-to-date information about the challenges facing the profession; 
  • Broaden your network among special education leaders;
  •  Exchange ideas and perspectives with a diverse group of volunteer leaders.


Click here to submit your nomination for the TCASE Board of Directors by April 28, 2017.


Questions? Contact Theresa Parsons at 512-474-4492.



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